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We have moved into our new home and wanted to send you a special note of appreciation for the work that you completed for us.

Our project was unique for Palm Harbor Discovery Homes and for your company in that we had a large manufactured home with one-of-a-kind modifications on a basement that you had designed specifically to meet our needs. The project was quite a challenge but you made the end product a dream for us.

We are pleased with the quality of work that your company performed. As one of the county inspectors said, our basement is “built like Fort Knox.” That makes us feel very safe and confident that we have the right design to meet our needs for the future.

We also want to share our immense appreciation in your availability to use at all times whenever we had questions or needed to talk with you. You were very responsive throughout the whole project to talk with us via phone or meet with us when we requested. That one-to-one attention was very appreciated during this project.

We look forward to our family’s future in our beautiful, new home. Thank you.