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Staying on budget!

Manufactured home mobile home site preparation retrofitting general contractors Every project has a desired (or required) budget and Site Services, LLC can assist you in formulating a “make sense” home purchase plan. A Site Services expert will communicate and coordinate with you, your manufactured home retailer and your lender to help gather the information you will need in order to plan for your project financially. For projects financed FHA, VA or other government-backed loans, Site Services staff can complete the forms and provide the documentation required by the sponsoring agency and forward them to your lender.

The pricing from the vendors and contractors that Site Services, LLC has selected as part of their team is discounted in exchange for volume business and timely payments. This is a win-win-win deal. Your Site Services professional will prepare the work plan and issue the job orders, thereby saving the vendors and operators the distraction and expense of time away from their work. Your home retailer can proceed with your home order knowing that the project will be completed in a timely and professional manner that will allow for easy delivery and set up of your new home. You reap the benefit of professional oversight and project coordination without paying more than you should have to pay.