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In the spring and late winter of 2008 we purchased and installed a Palm Harbor double wide manufactured home.

After making the purchase, several calls, and discussions we entered into a contract with Site Services, LLC of Mount Vernon, Washington to complete all site related items. The contract was negotiated with John Lee who would serve as the overall project manager. He was fair and knowledgeable of all the trades and understood the uniqueness of manufactured home construction and permits required by the governmental agencies. John, as the project manager, coordinated the acquisition and supervision of sub-contractors and generally oversaw the project. He performed this task well and has good communication skills.

The project we undertook was not the normal manufactured home installation. The site is located on the north eastern coast of Orcas Island in San Juan County of Washington State at the end of eight miles of private roads. The last three (3) miles of the road is gravel, barely one lane with many curves, and along the side of Mount Pickett. The site is on a solid rock ledge overlooking the ocean. You could say it was not a normal site for a manufactured home.

Many challenges were encountered and resolved. The availability of materials, and the quality of labor on Island created unique situations. In addition to normal installation requirements, we required a forty inch high reinforced concrete block foundation (instead of skirting) be constructed over a monolithic reinforced slab. John and the employees of Site Services did an excellent job of performing the project tasks, sometimes under difficult conditions. Thanks to their services we now have a beautiful home in a natural setting on a wooded hillside overlooking the ocean.

We are pleased with the results and credit John and his crews for getting us there. In addition to actual on site services, John arranged and supervised the transportation of the home from the mainland by barge and then remote tote movers to the site on Orcas. If we were planning a similar project we would start by contacting John and asking for his advice and bid.