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It has been my extreme good fortune to have dealt with John Lee as Contractor/Project Manager. He has not only been extremely capable and knowledgeable but has also been prompt and reliable (traits that are far too rare in the construction industry).

I had made my living as a Construction Project Manager designing (for the State of Washington) office and industrial buildings and then letting Public Works contracts for their construction and maintenance. During that time, I have dealt with many contractors and their Project Managers. The Public Works process compels one toward the lowest responsible bid, so I have had “opportunity” to work with contractors who ranged from excellent to slime balls. It may be worthy of note, that armed with that experience, and upon meeting John, I did not feel it necessary to interview other potential site work contractors for me own project (which was the purchase of and site work for my manufactured home). The depth of his knowledge and the practicality and clarity of his approach and thought patterns made him an easy choice. I confidently hired John Lee to do the site work without bidding or interviewing other contractors. My experience with contractors had allowed me to know almost intuitively that John Lee would serve me well and be well worth his fee. I just didn’t know how well. As it turned out, he served me better than I could have imagined and at a cost below budget. John far exceeded the requirements of our agreement by advising me in my dealings with a (best left un-named but it is NOT Coach Corral) inept dealer and the dealer’s even more inept installer.

John, acting as Project Manager/Coordinator for the site work, has guided me through the process and peculiarities of private (non-public works) manufactured home installation. He has given freely of his knowledge and advice, advising in my dealings with the dealer and the dealer’s installer, holding my hand when necessary and ever so gently scolding me when it was warranted. John has, on my project, used only contractors who were prompt, reliable, skilled and take pride in their craftsmanship. It is through the unflagged efforts of John Lee, that my project has had such a satisfactory outcome.

In summary, John has contributed much more to my project than he had to, thus allowing or causing this potentially troubled project to reach a desirable conclusion. I recommend John wholeheartedly to anyone who may be considering hiring him as a Contractor or as a Project Manager representing the owner. Further, I strongly suggest that John Lee be on the owner’s team even before the owner begins dealings with the manufactured home dealer.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

November 28, 2004.